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For a bright start to the day, make bread a part of your daily breakfast!

To start the day on the right foot, there’s nothing better than a breakfast of fresh, warm bread and enough time to savour every mouthful. Full of vitamins, fibre, carbohydrates, protein and minerals, bread is an ideal choice for all the family. And different countries each have a different take on this easy-to-make food.

All kinds of bread, just as you like it.

Throughout the world, bread appears in an almost infinite number of forms. From Indian naans to the French baguette, not forgetting the traditional white loaf, you can now enjoy a different type of bread with every meal, breakfast included. Whether you prefer a crunchy slice of toast straight from the toaster, or a piece of soft baguette smothered in butter and jam, bread is your best ally to start the day with a smile on your face.

You can also choose from a variety of flavours. If you like sliced bread, you can now get it in granary, wholemeal, or even crustless! And why not make your own bread? Treat yourself to a bread maker, so that you can try out lots of different bread recipes, and prepare for breakfast by baking a fresh loaf the night before. You can choose the ingredients, weight and how you’d like the crust cooked, entirely to suit you!

There’s nothing like the taste of a fresh baguette or warm loaf at the weekend, so head off to your favourite bakery at least once a week for fresh bread straight from the oven. This will also give you the chance to try out some new varieties, as well as giving you a moment of utter pleasure.

To find out more about bread, take a look at our mouth-watering and informative graphic.

To make the most of your morning bread, be sure to accompany it with a hot drink from the coffee maker or kettle best suited to your needs.

Put a stop to unwanted gifts: we’ll help you come up with ideas for your house-warming!

So, you’re throwing a house-warming party for your friends and family. But no-one knows what to get you, and they’re already asking you for ideas! Luckily, we’re here to help you plan ahead, and give your guests some great ideas for house-warming gifts.

Ideas for house-warming gifts that will stand the test of time

When you move into your first home, you often have to buy everything from scratch. A nice toaster, a microwave and a kettle will no doubt make very welcome additions to your new home. Your friends and family will be only too pleased to know they’re getting you what you want, without having to rack their brains to find THE ideal house-warming gift. And if you already have everything you need for breakfast time, why not ask for an all-in-one machine for making your favourite recipes? That way, your guests could gift you the food processor (chopper) of your dreams!


Or you could ask for a party-friendly gift that they can enjoy using with you: a raclette machine, a fondue set or a Crep’Party, for example. You could even use it at your house-warming party, and your guests will be delighted to have given you something that they can look forward to using at future get-togethers.

Why not start a house-warming gift list on our website? You can pass it on to your friends, and they’ll be spoilt for choice!

For a balanced diet, variety really is the spice of life! Contrary to common belief, it is important to eat carbohydrates, even when on a diet. Ideally, a balanced diet is made up of 15% protein, 50-55% carbohydrates, and 30-35% fat. Of course, by carbohydrates we don’t mean sweets!

Rule 1 healthy balanceEat more fruit and veg – the simple way!

Eating five fruit and vegetables a day can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge. Luckily, there are plenty of recipes and techniques out there to add a little bit of magic to your meals whilst ensuring you enjoy a varied diet. If you have a Vitacuisine steamer, for example, you can cook your vegetables, as well as your meat, fish and desserts, in a healthy way and without losing any of the flavour. Be creative and play with the flavours. Rediscover long-forgotten vegetables, combine different colours, and then cook it all effortlessly with a steamer.

Not all carbohydrates were created equal!

Your body needs carbohydrates, but not from just anywhere! There’s so much you can do with bread, cereals and potatoes. And if you’re craving chips for dinner, why not try reducing the amount of cooking oil? With the Actifry, for example, you can cook potatoes and/or sweet potatoes in a healthy way.

Food variety is important, but don’t forget that you need to drink too! To keep your body well-hydrated, drink water in whatever form you prefer: herbal teas, bottled water, tea… it’s up to you!

Click here for some delicious and balanced recipes

FlatsharingSo you’ve decided to move into a flatshare with your best friend(s)? Before you settle in, have a think about what you’re really going to need. Here are a few hints:

A few ideas for a successful flatshare

If there’s one thing you’ll doubtless all agree on, it will be that you need a kettle, coffee maker and toaster, so that you can all start the day on a good note. You’ll also need different-sized frying pans, saucepans, covers, jars and tins, as well as vital small utensils such as a vegetable peeler, serving spoons, a sieve and a whisk. Opt for practical and adaptable items, such as an Actifry 2 in 1 fryer that everyone can use to make an endless variety of dishes, or a steamer for cooking tasty and healthy food.

Moving into a flatshare doesn’t have to mean an unhealthy diet! If you often have friends over or enjoy cooking with your flatmates, why not buy a raclette machine or a wok? Make the most of flatsharing with some healthy resolutions. For example, a blender will allow you to make delicious smoothies that all your flatmates will love!

Don’t forget to buy an iron, as this will come in useful for everyone. There are different models available. Choose a good-quality and user-friendly product, so that even your least domesticated flatmates get the hang of it!

You’ve just moved home: here are some kitchen utensils you’re sure to use daily

You’ve just moved into your new home, or are about to. Sometimes it’s hard to know which items will come in really handy, and which will be forgotten at the bottom of a drawer. Here are some tips.

Your survival kitThe kitchen – the heart of any home!

When you first move into your own home, it can be hard to guess what you will and won’t need, especially in the kitchen. In terms of the basics, make sure you invest in good frying pans and saucepans of different sizes. You’ll undoubtedly need a kettle or a coffee maker (or both!), as well as a toaster. And don’t forget all the little utensils that will make your life easier: a sieve, spatula, corkscrew, vegetable peeler and so on. If you have an oven, don’t forget to buy suitable oven dishes, and cake tins or muffin trays if you enjoy baking.

An iron, bathroom scales… those important little extras in any new home!

While not absolutely vital, some things come in very useful when you’ve just set up home. An iron may certainly come in handy (a steam station might be a good option if you do a lot of ironing), as will bathroom scales, which you will certainly need at some point. If you like having friends over for dinner, a raclette machine or Crep’Party are novel ways to notch up the fun!

Healthy and balanced eating made easy: revolutionise your cooking habits!

There’s never a better time than the New Year for resolving to eat healthily. Unfortunately, though, we don’t always have the time or inspiration to do so. So why not get this year off to a great start by testing the two-in-one cooking process, with the Actifry 2 in 1?

ACTIFRY_2IN1Healthy eating can be delicious with the Actifry 2 in 1

Why not join more than six million users worldwide? If you think that delicious healthy eating is mission impossible, you’re in for a surprise when you try the Actifry 2 in 1. The idea is simple: not only does the Actifry 2 in 1 cook your meat and your accompaniment at the same time, but it also does it healthily! A single spoonful of special Actifry oil is enough to cook your entire meal.

Whether you want a sweet or savoury dish, you’ll never run out of delicious ideas. Not only will you rediscover the joy of eating chips and croquettes, you can also try some of our new, healthy recipes from all over the world, that will soon win over the entire family. Be creative with olive, peanut or even grapeseed oil, to make each dish a new discovery! Fish, meat and all the vegetables you can think of will now be on the menu, and you’ll even be able to make your favourite sweet treats in a healthy way!


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