1st apartement

Flatsharing: make sure you and your mates are well-prepared

FlatsharingSo you’ve decided to move into a flatshare with your best friend(s)? Before you settle in, have a think about what you’re really going to need. Here are a few hints:

A few ideas for a successful flatshare

If there’s one thing you’ll doubtless all agree on, it will be that you need a kettle, coffee maker and toaster, so that you can all start the day on a good note. You’ll also need different-sized frying pans, saucepans, covers, jars and tins, as well as vital small utensils such as a vegetable peeler, serving spoons, a sieve and a whisk. Opt for practical and adaptable items, such as an Actifry 2 in 1 fryer that everyone can use to make an endless variety of dishes, or a steamer for cooking tasty and healthy food.

Moving into a flatshare doesn’t have to mean an unhealthy diet! If you often have friends over or enjoy cooking with your flatmates, why not buy a raclette machine or a wok? Make the most of flatsharing with some healthy resolutions. For example, a blender will allow you to make delicious smoothies that all your flatmates will love!

Don’t forget to buy an iron, as this will come in useful for everyone. There are different models available. Choose a good-quality and user-friendly product, so that even your least domesticated flatmates get the hang of it!