Infiny Press Revolution

For the inimitable taste of fresh juice packed with vitamins

  • Extracts up to 35% more juice, 30% more vitamin C, and 75% more antioxidants.*
  • Perfect for fruits, vegetables and even fresh herbs.

Reference : ZC500H38

For full flavours and smooth textures

Thanks to its turning screw, the Infiny uses constant yet gentle pressure to extract all the juice from each ingredient. Its slowly rotating mechanism exerts delicate pressure to extract the best from all kinds of fruits, vegetables or even fresh herbs.
The Infiny Press Revolution retains not just the inimitable flavour of each fresh ingredient, but all of its nutrients as well. Thanks to its juicing technology, it extracts 35% more juice, 30% more vitamin C, and 75% more antioxidants than a traditional centrifugal juicer.*

Access to an endless variety of simple juices and complex cocktails, day or night!

  • Start the day with an energising apple, orange and carrot juice.
  • Need a break? Grab yourself a smooth banana, apple and kiwi juice.
  • Got friends coming over? Surprise them with a purple aperitif made from beetroot, orange, onion and garlic juice.
  • Then finish off the meal with a dish of fromage blanc topped with a homemade, fruits-of-the-forest coulis. An out-and-out winner!
* Laboratory tests performed with 1kg of grapes for the juice, 1kg oranges for the vitamin C and 500g raspberries for the antioxidants in comparison with the TEFAL ZN65 juice extractor

2 stainless steel filters: orange one for juices and smoothies, pink for coulis and sauces

3 feed tubes to juice different ingredients at the same time and mix the flavours more consistently

Its comprehensive recipe book will give you a lot of ideas to prepare delicious juices for any time of the day

Quiet, juice extraction is a moment of relaxation when you can take the time to indulge yourself while respecting your ingredients

Up to 35% more juice, 30% more vitamin C, 75% more antioxidants*

Maximum performance for maximum benefits

Juice Press Technology: The slow rotation screw gently presses fruits, vegetables and even herb

Features - Comparison
Power (W) 300 W
Number of feed tubes 3
Rotation speed (rpm) 80 rpm
Number of filters 2
Juice jug  
Dry pulp jug  
Anti-drip spout  
Dishwasher safe removable parts  
Color and finishing Die cast aluminum feet