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Because everyone should keep in mind the protection of the environment, Tefal is more dedicated than ever to producing quality products which are safe, reliable and eco-friendly.

This responsible approach has been ours for over 50 years and now plays an even bigger part in our manufacturing process.

Our main goal is still to provide you with high-quality, eco-friendly products for healthy cooking everyday.



How to cook healthy?

The 3 secrets of healthy cooking


Dr. Christian Recchia, a Parisian nutritionist, told us all about the 3 fundamental rules of healthy cooking:

  • Less oil and fat
  • Better temperature control
  • Homogeneous heat diffusion


"These three elements give you the guarantee that when cooking with a frying pan, the products are 99% perfectly healthy."



Take a look at the video below to know everything about healthy cooking


Safe and reliable products

Tefal seal of quality

From A to Z quality control



All our products are guaranteed


Beyond regulatory requirements for all our coatings (PFOA FREE, LEAD FREE and CADMIUM FREE) , many regular checks are carried out by several independant laboratories.

This means we also guarantee you quality products that are health neutral and made with strong and durable coatings for a better preservation of the environment. The materials we use are all subjected to strict traceability, you will always be able to know from the start what we use to conceive our products.

Tefal products are reliable and safe for your health and your environment!

Tefal guarantees clean and harmless cooking surfaces.
Tefal products comply with the strictest standards in terms of public health like European Directives 1935/2004 and Food and Drug Administration- CFR 21.1798.1550.

Year after year, we, at Tefal, can therefore insist on the safety of our products for you as well as your environment.


PTFE : an inert material

What does it exactly mean for you?

PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) is a polymer that we, at Tefal, were the first to use for the coatings of our non-stick pans. We certify the safety of our all PTFE based products and coatings.



PTFE : an inert material




It is an inert material. It provokes no reaction even when ingested.




PTFE is also used in medicine and surgery: pacemakers, coatings of artificial limbs and artery transplants.




It has no reaction when in contact with water, foodstuffs or domestic cleaning products.



PTFE has been recognized as harmless by public health bodies in Europe as well as in the United States


For more information      Watch the video


Respect of the environment


Tefal has been committed to environmental protection for more than 50 years.

All our industrial and logistic sites have adopted a permanent strategy for improvement meant to reduce the company’s environmental impact all along the years.

Moreover, all of our sites comply with the environmental requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. Thanks to this responsible approach, we have analyzed the entire life-cycle of our products, in order to draw a comprehensive environmental sheet of the impact of each of these products on our planet and to identify any potential strategies for improvement.


* Overall environmental impact: environmental impact of a Tefal frying pan throughout its life-cycle, from raw materials to recycling.


Everything you need to know on TEFAL, the Health and the Environment

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